It canna' take any more, cap'n

ORN: Biking, 18 miles, cruddy hill program, 1 hour, 1 mile run, 1 degree, 6:41.

Well, my mp3 player is full. I even deleted the random 5 or 6 songs that came with the thing, in an effort to squeeze a few more of my songs on there. It's full, and my alternate list is already something like 300 meg. Someday, I'll break down and buy a 5 gig player, but I have so many other kewl toys in mind that it'll have to wait. Besides, I have 500 or so songs on there now - surely that's enough variety, right?

Well, for now, anyway. If ever I start training for an ultra event, I'll definitely consider an upgrade. And, stock in Gu.


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