Running update

I haven't updated in a couple of days - that pesky thing called real life intervened, and I didn't get some computer time. I still found time to run, however.

ORN (4/19): 47:51, about 5.95 miles. Nice neighborhood route, but sunny and getting warmer. I am definitely going to have to get something to keep the sweat out of my eyes during my runs - one of the worst feelings is wiping sweat out of your eyes just in time to see a truck barrelling down the road toward you.

Speaking of roads - a lot of the ones around here, even in the neighborhood, have no sidewalks. So, I run facing traffic, all the way on the side of the road. And, being much smaller and lighter than the cars coming toward me, I will head onto the shoulder when possible in order to maintain some extra distance. Most drivers are nice, and either slow down, give me extra space, or even both. Some drivers do nothing - and I'm not sure that they have even seen me. A few, thankfully rare, drivers actually crowd the white line, in an attempt to force me off the road. It's rare, but I still see a couple on every medium or long run.

ORN (today): 6.25 dreadmill miles, 53:48, 1 degree. The family went to the Y today, and I decided to skip today's trail run and just do the treadmill. This turned out to be a good thing, since it let me actually get around to mowing the patch of weeds that I laughinly call our yard, and, as I keep reminding myself, it's time to taper. Pull back, run a little easier. Next Saturday will be hard enough, without my showing up at the starting line tired and in pain.


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