ORN: 5.6 miles (according to Gmaps), 45:39.

I was planning on doing a long run today, but the logistics of it didn't pan out, and so, rather than take no run at all, settled for a fairly quick short run. It was nice to get out and run around the neighborhood, and just get out of the house and moving around.

I'm actually pretty happy with the pace too - it's actually a tad faster than I managed yesterday on the dreadmill, and this was outside, with hills, wind and bugs in my teeth. I even saw a few other runners, a couple of walkers, and some cyclists.

Could I have held on to the pace for another lap of about 2.8 miles? Probably. Sometime I'll have to try it out. Maybe in a couple weeks, when my long run gets down to the 8-10 mile range, I'll give it a shot. Who knows - by then, this pace might be getting easier than it is right now. It's beginning to look like, at least for "short" runs, my pace is definitely improving from earlier this year.


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