I could really use a beer right about now. . .

ORN: 5 miles, anywhere from 1.1 to 3.5 degrees, speeds starting at 7.5 mph and going up through 8.2 or so. Either 37:30(ish) or 38:30(ish) - I really should take a small notebook to record these things, since I am ramping up my speed and the inclination more often than not, and it leads to some funky workout totals.

So, I went running today (yay me!), after taking a break for the last two days. Well, taking a break from running - I did some yardwork; assembled a wheelbarrow, moved a lot of mulch, put out new groundcloth, and moved a lot of rock. All with a heat index in the high 90's or higher. No wonder I didn't feel like running. But, at least it is now easier for my wife to get the car out of the garage - the big pile of rock is steadily growing smaller.

And, I also mowed the lawn tonight. After little Mr. Fussbudget was finally in bed, I hurried outside to get the lawn mowed before it got too dark to see what I was doing. I think I finished with about 10 minutes to spare - it's been about an hour since I finished, and it was dark by the time I had a drink and got cooled off a bit.

Right now, I have just got back up from the basement, where I was trying to do two things - complete a replacement order for an eBay purchase (post office lost the first one when the box shredded, so I have been working on a replacement kit for the unfortunate buyer), and trying to clean up a major mess.

See, it's been nasty up here in Michigan for the past few days. With a young child, and a pregnant wife, the AC had been running virtually non-stop. So, Sunday night, I went down into the basement, and discovered that a good section of it was flooded - it appears that there has been some problem with the AC.

When I went outside to check it out, it appears that the insulation on a couple of the pipes is shot, and that moisture is condensing along those splits and seeping into the ground. I am hoping that this is the cause of the flooding - the AC has been off for about a day now, and while there is still water in the basement, it looks like the amount is steadily decreasing. If I don't see noticeable improvement soon, I am going to have to call more than an AC repairman, I suspect.

And then I may really need that beer after all.


Blogger Wes said...

Thanks for comming by and visiting my blog. I bet you folks up in Michigan aren't used to running your AC all the time, are you? Seeing as your wife is pregnant, I KNOW you need to make sure it doesn't break :-) I need to get down in the basement and throw everything in mine away. You can barely walk down there. It looks like a junk yard with hollowed out shell where the kids are playing pool. Stay cool...

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