Yay - speedwork!

ORN: 2 miles warm-up, 1 mile fast, .5 mile recovery, .5 mile fast. About 32 minutes, all told, and at 1.2 degrees.

I'm working at settling back into a training routine. I'm hoping to train a bit harder for this next marathon season, and, while I doubt that I will actually see a BQ this year, I'd like to make some significant strides toward hittin g that goal in the future.

So, with that in mind, today was speedwork. Now, I admit that I ran faster today than I intended to do so, but I was curious to see how fast I could go. I didn't set any speed records, and I probably (certainly, actually) could have gone a little faster, but I did manage to knock out a full mile at a 6:18 pace. Hot dang! (Maybe I really am going to be the fast one in my running group.) The warm-up and recovery runs were much slower, obviously, but I did knock out an additional half-mile at the same speed, with a little extra for a finishing kick at the end.

Next week, my speedwork will probably be along the lines of 1 mile warm-up, 1 fast mile, .5 mile recovery, 1 fast mile, .5 recovery, etc - at least, for as long as I can hold it. I won't be knocking out 6:00 miles anytime soon, but I might manage to start creeping down toward repeating 6:45 or 7:00s, which would be fantastic.

On the homefront, I really meant to take some pictures last night. Kevin and my wife were making peanut butter cookies, and he looked so cute, with the flour in the hair, on the floor, and all over the counter. He tried the cookies once they were done, and he didn't care for them, but he at least had fun making them.

Oh yeah - he and I made pancakes yesterday morning, too. It only cost an extra egg (by having him help instead of me doing it alone), and he got such a kick out of being a big helper. The fact that it was one of his favorite foods: pancakes, though no syrup, was an added plus. Crackers, plain noodles, and bread are all close behind; he's gonna be a runner, and he's already carb-loading.


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Wow excellent job on the speed work!

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