Stupid dreadmill

ORN: 6 miles (I think, see post), 1.1 degree, no clue on time; probably about 53 minutes.

Today was supposed to be an easy day - I am planning on doing one medium-long, slow run on Wednesdays, and a long run on Saturday, with most of the other days being easy, short runs (like 4-5 miles), with perhaps one day per week being either speedwork or hills. So, I was taking it an easy, relaxed pace; I can run faster, but this is a nice, conversational pace, where I can talk while I run (if I wish).

Unfortunately, halfway through the run, I managed to hit the stupid "Stop" button. Aaarggh! I hate that! It always messes up the run; afterwards, it takes miles before everything feels "right" again. I suspect that it is due to the sudden stop, one which is completely unplanned. In a race, or even on a dreadmill run, if I need to slow it down, or even stop for a minute to adjust my shoe, it's not a problem to get back up and get running; everything feels right and normal within a tenth of a mile or so. But not when I hit that "Stop".

Anyway, so I hit it at either 3.21 or 3.71 miles. I'm pretty sure it was the latter, so I only did another 2.29 after that; so my run may have been only 5.5, but if I had to bet, I'd bet on the 6.

On a good note, today the full-scale models from the movie Cars were in town, so after my run, the son and I headed over there to meet my wife and check them out. I have some nice pics (still on the camera though), and Kevin was very thrilled to see "Sally," "Lightning" and "Mater" or, as he calls them "Sayey, Racey Car, Tow Tuck". He was hoping that Doc would be there too, but he did like seeing the semi that they have done up to look like "Mack".

I'm glad he took it well - I was a little concerned that he would start throwing a fit. Last night, he got very scared of the fireworks, and, even when we showed him what they were, and promised that, in his bed, they could not hurt him (especially with several of his animals watching over him all night long), he still woke up with nightmares at midnight(ish), 1:30(ish) and 3(ish). After the bout at 3, I grabbed an extra pillow and sacked out on his floor, just so that he would know that everything was okay. And yeah, I know I am getting older - fifteen years ago, sleeping on a floor like that wouldn't have bothered me at all. This morning? Oooh, my back was stiff as a board. Hopefully, there are no nightmares tonight.


Blogger Running Jayhawk said...

Aww! What a great dad :)

Hope your back isn't too stiff by the time this afternoon rolls around. And great job on the treadmill run (despite the stop button issue).

11:16 AM  

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