No running today (so what's my excuse?)

Remember Wednesday's post, when I mentioned that the little angel had woken up several times, climbed out of his crib, and basically only slept while I was in the same room, laying on the floor?

Guess what.

OKay, so he didn't quite do the same thing last night. He did, however, get up several times - we're talking full-bore screaming, climbing out of his crib, scared out of his wits. He has a nightlight, but I think it is all related to fireworks; for some reason, they scare the heck out of him. Anyway, while that was annoying, what really got me today was him waking up well before the crack of dawn, screaming and crying. I held him and rocked him for an hour or more - he'd keep yawning; these huge, jaw-cracking yawns, and yet would refuse to sleep. Eventually, he accepted the possibility of laying down on mommy & daddy's bed (no, we don't normally do this, but the sun was just peeking over the horizon at this point, and I thought maybe he would go back to sleep for an hour or two - so that I could as well.)

Nope. He lay down for all of a minute, then started playing around. Eventually, my wife took him, and I got an extra 20 minute nap, which allowed me to be reasonably coherent, but not if I went to the Y and ran.

So, no running today, but tomorrow is a long, slow run, so at least I am rested up for that.


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