Lots of catching up to do. . .

Yep, I haven't posted in a few days, but I have been running. According to my memory, here are the stats from the last few days:

Tuesday: 5 miles, 1.(something) on the dreadmill. No idea on time, but it wasn't fast. 45 minutes, maybe?

Wednesday - 7 miles, 1.1 or 1.2 degrees, somewhere under an hour, maybe 56-57 minutes.

Thursday - off, bad logistics and I never found time to squeeze in a good run.

Friday - 5 miles, 1.2 degrees, all at least at the pace I want to do when Chicago rolls around. It was a lot harder than I thought it should be, so I'm really going to have to crack down on some speedwork and see if I can improve my cadence a bit.

Today - somewhere between 9 and 10 miles - the semi-official turnaround point is supposedly 2.5 miles from where the group started today, and, judging by the time it took us to get to that point and back, it seemed reasonable. Then, because the other groups were only doing 5, and my schedule called for 10, I ran it again, which is what caused me to doubt the distance, because I ran it much faster - faster, if it is 2.5 miles, than I thought I was running, and much faster than race pace. It almost did me in, and, on the way back, I had to take two short walking breaks to get extra water in me. Even so, my solo excursion was still faster than the group run, but I'm suspecting that today's run was closer to 9 than 10. Still, time on my feet is more important than distance (in a lot of ways), and today I logged 1:22:02 for my long run.


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