Running, but not blogging

I know, I know - it's been days since my last update. Am I still running? Are the skunks still there? What about Naomi?

(The last one is only funny is you remember The Electric Company. If you don't, well. . . I feel sorry for you. Honest. )

I did run on Tuesday. I ran on the dreadmill, 5 miles, at 1.1, and I missed my semi-speedwork goal of 39 minutes. I was on track to make it, but T. showed up and I got to talking. Note to self - when doing speedwork, talking is a Bad Thing (tm). I missed the goal, but only by half a minute of so, so I don't feel to bad about it.

Afterwards, Kevin and I went to a playgroup that T. had mentioned. I must admit that I spent more time with the kids than the adults - partially because Kevin was the youngest one there; partly because he does get a little nervous when Daddy leaves him in a strange place, and partly because I am not, by nature, the most gregarious of souls, and being around one kid (mine) has not done anything positive for my social skills. I did talk to adults though, which was nice, even though I did get suckered into reading a book for some of the kids.

No running on Wednesday. I'll get to that reason in a minute.

I did go running on Thursday. Nothing long, just a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, about 3.8 miles in 30 minutes, give or take, the distance is via Gmaps Pedometer, and I deliberately did not carry my watch - I was already tired, and not concerned about time.

Why was I tired? you ask. Because, dear reader(s), for the past few days, I have been spending a couple of hours each evening removing mulch, really old weedcloth and weeds from large portions of our landscaping, and preparing the area for rock. Lots of rock. 10 cubic yards of rock.

Now, 10 cubic yards doesn't sound like much. I mean, 10? That's a small number, right? Wrong. For example, the interior of a Dodge Caravan is a whopping 140.3 cubic feet. That's pretty much every cubic inch of the interior, so the space between or under the seats, the footrests, the cargo area, etc. Now, imagine that much space twice.

The rock was delivered today, and no, I did no running. Instead, I spent several hours levelling one area, staking out the new weedcloth (a good 10 year warranty, too - next time, Kevin will be old enough to help!), and, last but not least, loading my trusty wheelbarrow time and time again. The area I did tonight is a mere 110 sqaure feet, which, according to the little chart I got at the landscape supply place, might have used somewhere between one (1!) and one-and-a-half (1.5!) cubic yards.

Only 8.5 to 9 left to go. I think I'll go running before I start moving rock tomorrow.


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