The arrival of Pepé Le Pew

That's right - our favorite mammal, the skunk, has chosen to grace my domicile. And not just one, oh heavens no! A small family has decided that the area beneath our patio is the perfect nesting site. I discovered them today, and, unless there is some other animal which is black and white, has a bunch of tails,and that same peculiar, nose-searing odor, I think it is safe to say that we have a small family of skunks.

Unfortunately, I discovered them too late in the day to contact any sort of animal control, though I was fortunate enough to discover them without getting sprayed. Just a lucky glance out the window, otherwise I probably would have been gotten when I mowed past that area tonight.

On the running front, today was (ostensibly) an easy 4 miles (7.2 mph, 1.1 degrees, 32:16 or so), though I did ramp it up considerably at the mile 3 mark. I just wanted to be done - the Y was packed today, with almost every dreadmill in operation when I started, and it got so danged hot that I am planning some runs in the middle of the day to cool off.

On my way out, I noticed a flyer - apparently, there will be a meeting next Monday night, where people can join a group that is training for the Detriot Marathon. Chicago is the week before, but I could probably do at least some of the long runs with people. At the very least, it wouldn't cost me anything more than time to check it out.


Blogger runr53 said...

Let me know if you are running Detroit and I'll go down and cheer you on, I plan on being at the 15 mile Gu stop with the DJ so get your dancing shoes on too! Run Good!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Running Jayhawk said...

Definitely check it out...

...what's the verdict with the skunk family setting up tent at your campsite?

6:55 PM  
Blogger Rae said...

Ugh!!! We had a skunk camp in our garage for one evening a few years ago. They are so cute to be such "stinkers"!

6:15 PM  

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