21 Day Challenge, continued

Finally have some pics. These are from before I started work last night. I didn't get as much time as I wanted the last couple of days, but. . .

Day 4 update - bodies of Piranhas are assembled, remaining Fire Warriors now have legs. Gun drones for Piranhas assembled, which was almost a disaster. It as very late when I started on these, and I glued the guns on backwards. Fortunately, I caught it before the glue set, but it was a close thing.

Day 5 update - Piranha wings and bodies now glued together. All Fire Warriors now have heads, bodies. A few have backpacks. Heads glued to Stealth Suits. The bad news of the day is that I lost the auctions for the RE magnets. I may have to just make some permanent weapons choices for everything in this box set, which, although disappointing, is probably not such a big deal in the long run. I plan on adding more Crisis Suits & Hammerheads in the future, just to play Apocalypse.

Day 6 update - got a lot done. All Fire Warriors now have backpacks. Main bodies of both the Devilfish and Hammerhead are done - all that remains for each are the drones and turret assemblies. And deciding what to do with the landing gear. Although no piece is technically fully assembled, many things are getting quite close, and plan on getting plenty of things ready for the priming stage after tomorrow.



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