Update on 21 day challenge.

Remember this? I haven't been posting my updates here, but I'll do a quick recap.

Day 1 (official, long version): The Tau Megaforce set contains two (2) Crisis Suits, three (3) Stealth Suits (and Markerlight Drone), twenty (20) Fire Warriors, six (6) Gun Drones, three (3) Piranhas, one (1) Devilfish APC and one (1) Hammerhead Gunship. That's an awful lot of stuff. I sorted through everything, getting everything set in the appropriate area, and got to work cutting and trimming things from the sprue. I bagged stuff as I went, so that I would not have to try and find the legs from the Stealth Suits, only to find that I used them for some Fire Warriors. When I called it a day, the only things still left on the sprue were about half of the Fire Warriors.

Day 2: The Fire Warriors are all off the sprue and bagged. I've started trimming and assembling, and the Stealth Suits are mostly assembled. I'll probably leave them as they are for a few days, since I don't have the codex yet, and I don't want to commit to a particular weapon configuration. Tomorrow, I plan to work on getting the Fire Warriors started, as well as the Crisis suits.

Day 3 update - real work has begun. The Stealth suits are mostly trimmed and assembled. I still have the heads, weapons and some optional bits to add, but those will wait until I have the codex. The Crisis suits are partially assembled; right now they are Crisis Torsos. The wing assemblies to all 3 Piranha are done, and 10 Fire warriors now have torsos and legs. Not as much as I would like, but I did not have as much time tonight as I had originally hoped.

I haven't bothered posting any pics yet, because right now, everything is still bits of gray plastic. I should take one tomorrow, since now things are at least starting to look like something.

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