Lookie what I got

Aw, I'm all happy now. It works on so many levels - it appeals to the runner and the geek in me.



Blogger Topher said...

ah, a gadget after my own heart. What I wouldn't give...

Enjoy it! I'll be Garmin-ing vicariously through you.

By the way, thanks for the winter-wear advice. I figure the more people who boycot running tights, the better our running trails and sidewalks will be this winter.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Congrats on the 305! I've got a 205 myself and love it. I don't make as much use of the training functions as I should, but it's great to just have an automatic log of your pace, distance, routes. I got an HRM separately, which is nice to use every now and then to benchmark.

Nice blog btw - found it through "I Run For Donuts"!

1:35 PM  

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