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With the Trailbreaker cancelled, I went looking for another race. The best fit that I found was the Lake Geneva marathon, which gives me about 6 weeks to train and attempt to regain some of the fitness I lost over a couple of lousy months.

Now, looking at the elevation map for Lake Geneva, I noticed that there are some hills. So, in addition to getting in the long runs, and starting up intervals again, I needed to fit hills into my routine. I don't mind hills, or intervals, but both of them in the same week, while I am also getting used to long runs again, has me a little concerned. So, I'll take note of anything that doesn't feel right, whether it is on the treadmill, the road, the trails, or just walking around the house.

The other potential problem (aside from Lake Geneva occupying the #9 slot for "Toughest North American marathons") is that the race is on May 10th. On the 31st, I plan on running the Sunburst marathon, so there isn't much recovery time. I am not planning on "racing" either race, per se, though I'd be fibbing if I said that I didn't have time goals. At any rate, it will give me a good indication of how I would fare this fall, if I actually run the Detroit Marathon and then follow it up with the Lakefront 50-miler.

(Oh, and though I have few, if any, readers, I just wanted to congratulate Running Jayhawk and Leah on new PRs at the Shamrock Shuffle. Stop by and say congrats.)


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Thanks for the shout out by the way. And best of luck with Lake Geneva. I've heard the area is beautiful!!

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