Oh yeah, like that's needed.

The other day, I purchased a tree pruner from a large chain hardware store. Now, this thing is (when not telescoped) better than 7 feet tall. It's bright orange-red, and, frankly, rather awkward to carry if you are carrying anything else. And, by the way, watch how you take corners, because one slip, and it's good-bye lightbulbs, hello HAZMAT team.

And yet, this thing (unlike the new blower or weed whacker I got as well) had to pass over the scanner which deactivates an anti-shoplifting device! Really now. . . the only way this modified, 21st century pole-arm is being smuggled out of the store is hidden in something like a roll of carpet. Of course, you'd have to unroll the carpet first, then wrap the pruner up in it. That strikes me as a bit inconspicuous, but what do I know?

(And, for the record - in any post-apocalyptic scenario, I'm heading for a hardware store. Propane tanks, 2000 degree torches, poleaxes and machetes. Plus, of course, chainsaws.)

Oh yeah - I also went running today, for the first time since the marathon. That actually deserves it's own, non-blade-related, post.

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