Race report - Lakeview 10k

So, on a whim earlier this week, I signed up for a 10k race today. Just another sign of taper madness (Lake Geneva is only 6 days away now!), but I figured that I wasn't going to run more than 6 or 8 miles anyway, so I might as well get a T-shirt.

It was a pretty late start (8:30), and DW decided last night that she could take DD and DS in the jogging stroller, and do the (untimed) 1 mile fun run. That way, she could take a couple pics of me at the finish line. So, this morning, she woke up the kids (while I got ready), and then while they were still eating, I left in car #1, and they would follow in car #2. (The fun run had a later start, and this way, if something happened, she and the kids could leave early.)

There's not much to say about the course. It's moderately flat, with a couple notable hills. I ran essentially the same course last year, but in the other direction. I prefer the original version, because while you have a hill to climb almost immediately, you then get a nice, gradual downhill that lasts almost .5 miles. Today, you ran up that slow, gradual, quad-killer of a hill, in exchange for a short burst down the other side toward the finish.

The big problem I had was that my legs kept wanting to race, and my head kept saying "No. Yes, it's only a 10k, but you do something stupid now, and you have no time to heal or fully recover before next week. Dial it down a bit." My pace was relatively consistent (7:05, +/- 10 seconds or so), but it was faster than I originally planned.

Now, keep in mind that this is a small race, with only 30-odd people running it today. (The 5k had 60 or 70 though, so I think this will keep going in the future. I'd have liked to seen another 60 or 80 runners between the two races though.) Anyway, for most of the race, I was in 4th place (which, frankly, would never happen in a larger race). I ended up 6th overall - I kept calling to the two behind me to come catch up, and tried very hard not to keep up with them. I probably could have - they finished only about 5-20 seconds ahead of me, so a good kick going up that final hill would have brought them close enough to fight it out toward the finish, but it wasn't worth it.

I picked up an age award (#2), and had a good time. Hopefully, the good feeling from today will get me through some of the miles next weekend, because that one is going to be much, much harder.


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