A running update

Ya know, I haven't talked about running lately, which is odd, since for a while, almost every post involved running in some way, shape or form. So, here's an update (though my sidebar is still waaay out of date. I should fix that.)

Saturday - I went running with the Y group. Most are training for either the 5k or 10k race in June (Cereal City Classic), but a couple of us are year-round runners. (For what it's worth, I will be running the 10k. It's two weeks after Sunburst, so I am not expecting it to be too quick.) Since most of the runners are some variant of "Couch to 5k in 10 weeks", I wind up being counted among the fast runners. Anyway, I wound up doing the long 7-mile route (there are two routes - one slightly less than 7 miles, one slightly more - hence the short 7 and long 7), and the guy I was running with kept talking about how he's been told that I am the one to stick with, about how fast I am, etc.

The bad part is that I kept telling him, "Dude, your 5k time is better than mine by 2 minutes or something. Just get the miles in, and I'll be working to keep up with you." It's probably true, too.

Yesterday, I went out for a quick, just over 5 mile run, along a new route. First, you need to understand that, where I live, we don't have sidewalks. Seriously. Along a couple of my routes, I have the option of running in the road, on the gravel-and-litter studded shoulder, or through the tick-infested underbrush. I generally opt for the shoulder (which has a pretty decent "sharp litter to tick" ratio), but sometimes, the choice is made for me. Like, when some idiot in a behemoth of an SUV decides that flooring the gas and swerving towards the shoulder is "funny." Oh well - adrenaline must have done some good, since I was able to run fairly consistent splits, with a total time of 37:03 for 5.3 miles! Woohoo for post-marathon legs - that's close to race pace, but it certainly didn't feel like it.



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