A bank service that I don't want

I saw a commerical last night, though I don't remember the exact bank. Anyway, there is a customer saying that she wants free ATMs in numerous, convenient locations, free checking, friendly tellers, a free toaster with each savers plus account, kittens, etc. The usual list of services that banks routinely offer in order to presude customers to drop off big piles of cash. So far, I'm kewl with all these - I like using an ATM as much as anyone, and I hate having to hunt for one where I won't be charged a fee.

And then she adds one about how she wants her bank to email her when there is suspicious activity on her account, so she can verify it. I don't want that - and if I find that my bank starts doing it, I'll switch banks. I don't want my bank to contact me other than by snail mail.

Why? One email accounts that don't have spam blockers, I routinely get anywhere from 5 to 10 phishing attempts per week. Now, since I don't have an account with MegaGlobalCompuHyperNet Bank and Trust, I can pretty much assume that any email from them with the subject line "Problem with your account. Please verify" is going to be false without having to open it.

If it's from my bank, I might actually have to look into it. I got one today from "ebay" that did a pretty good job off looking authentic - none of the usual typos and mispellings here. The source code is wrong, and the url is definitely not the real sign-in, but pretty good job.

Anyway, I don't want random emails from my bank. In a perfect world, they might be useful, but until phishing doesn't work so well, no thanks.


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Blogger Kyle said...

I get email alerts from our bank, and I haven't (yet) had a problem. I think you'd be safe if you never click on a link in such an email. If I get one, I type in the URL of my bank to check it out.

9:53 PM  

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