Kill myself? But I hardly know you. . .

According to various news sources, there were plans to have a mass suicide today. Fortunately, someone spilled the beans, and it may have been averted. Still, it has me wondering. . .

How exactly do you convince someone to commit suicide? It's not as though you can claim to have tried it yourself.

Why do people actually believe that other people, whom they do not know, will also commit suicide along with them?

At least one of the stories indicates that the alleged matermind was luring women to come to his house, bring the children, engage in certain sexual acts with them, and then hang themselves. I'm not sure that "vulnerable" or "depressed" is the proper term for anyone who would seriously contemplate this.

I mean, think of the pickup line:

Hey baby. Why don't you and your kids come up to my place on Valentines Day? Some other female friends will be there. We'll all have a good time, and then you and your kids can hang youselves from my rafters.

I'd add more, but words fail me.


Blogger Kyle said...

That's so creepy.

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