Let it snow, let it snow. . .

Once again, we have gotten snowfall. Instead of a serious 4"-6", we got barely a measly 1". That's just enough to cover the roads, but not enough to actually cover the grass in the yard, and I'm steamed about it.

See, when we moved here, all the information we had pointed to an average snowfall of 70" per year. Now sure, I know that this means that there could be 70 separate, individual occurances of snowfall, each averaging about 1", but people told us that we could expect some "serious" snow. One inch of snow is not serious.

Anyway, since we have a longer driveway than we did in Omaha, I decided that we need a snowblower. Yes, the decision was pretty unilateral - I shovel the snow, so if I don't want to break my back doing it all winter, I thought that I should do something about it.

So, we got one. And it's a beauty. 5.5 horsepower, 24" clearing width, 2-stage. If I had to, I could clear the entire street. I planned on using it to clear our driveway, and then a couple neighbors. Then, once it's warmed up, I could go up and down the street. Heck, I'd call the citry and tell them to forget about the snowplows, just send me some ice.

So, I'm bummed.

We've been here almost 2 months, in the middle of winter, and I've gotten to use it once. There were a couple snows early on, where I could have justified it, but only barely. But aside from that one decent snowfall, there's been nothing to speak of. I cannot justify taking it out to clear off a measly inch. That's like using a blast furnace to roast marshmellows.


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