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The local news tonight is leading off with this soundbite:

Heroin is here in West Michigan, and it's killing young people.

And I started thinking: why is it that you never hear about older people dying from (illegal) drugs. (We're going to ignore tobacco, alcohol, etc for this post.) If heroin/crystal meth/crack/etc are all terribly addictive (and they are), then shouldn't there be some baby boomers keeling over due to an OD?

Maybe illegal drugs (and, to be fair, the legal ones above) simply kill most users well before they reach middle age. In which case, you can always think of it as evolution in action.


Blogger Kyle said...

The reasons I think of off the top of my head are: (1) drug users don't make it to middle age (as you say), either because they die or grow up and quit; (2) older drug users are responsible enough not to make noise in various ways; (3) media conspiracy; (4) baby boomers did OD and are now actually animatronic; (5) nobody cares about folks ending their lives at the end of their lives, just "the children" who "have their whole lives ahead of them"; (6) Fnord.

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