Superbowl commercials (jeers and cheers)

Okay, the game is over. IF you want to know the details of the game, try google or espn. I'm going to devote my space here to the important part: the commercials.

Let's start with the cheers. Here are some commericals which I enjoyed, in no particular order:

Ford - just the thought of a bunch of tough bikers, intimidating everyone on the road, blanching at the sight of a row of (Ford) trucks in front of a bar amused me. The excuses from the bikers made the commerical really funny.

Fedex - the announcer said that they had determined the ten things necessary for a successful Super Bowl commercial (celebrity, attractive women, cute kid, pop song, bonus scene, groin kick, animal, etc). I enjoyed this one.

Bud light - They (as usual) had some good ones, but one stood out in my mind. It had two guys talking about what, besides beer, they would want on a tropical island. The one guy says "2 women" and starts dreaming about it - whereupon both berate him for not doing his "honey-dos".

Ameriquest - they had a couple good ones. The basic theme was "Don't judge too quickly." The cat one was okay, but the "You're being robbed" was much better.

Visa - I liked the superheroes, but I've always thought that Underdog desevered more credit.

Degree - the new line of action figures (Mama's Boy, Suck-up and Wuss) should be availabe in stores soon.

Diet Pepsi - the long version of the P. Diddy commercial was pretty decent. It shows how some random act by a star can pervade all culture.

No cheers, but no jeers go to CareerBuilder.com (the monkeys were okay, but it didn't wow me), Pepsi's itunes promotion (it's going to be getting annoying in the coming weeks, I promise), and Ford's Mustang commercial (I saw it three times tonight - it almost made the jeers, and if I see it again, it still might.)

Jeers go to Staples, Taco Bell and Quizno's. Okay, Superbowl commercials cost about $2.4 million, so cough up the extra $500k and make a new commercial, okay?

There were some good movie trailers - I'm going to hunt them down and watch them again though before posting anything on them.


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