Revenge of the Sith

RoTS comes out in less than a week, and I just can't get all that exited about it. For years, I told people that I "helped put the fan back in fanatic", and I do have a reasonably impressive amount of Star Wars junk. I've watched the original trilogy several hundred times, and even the new two a few dozen times. But I just can't get worked up about the new one.

Yes, I understand that the original trilogy is not perfect. Heck, they're cheezy westerns, albeit in space. Possibly closer to samurai films, but great cinema they're not. They're fun rollicking tales in space, with some fairly classic and simple themes.

But something seems to be missing. Star Wars was (and still is) pretty good, and Empire is great. Jedi could have been great, except that we had to endure the emasculated Wookies (better known as Ewoks. Truly, an inspired name, Mr Lucas.)

And then decades passed.

We returned with Phantom Menace, and it was just. . . . there. Not good, not terrible, just. . . blah. I understand that the beginning will be slow, since we have to set the stage for everything, but it just didn't thrill me in the same way. Attack of the Clones was better, but still not great (and barely good), with some of the worst dialogue I have heard in years.

With less than a week to go, I find that my prayers have gone from "Please let it be great" to "Please let it not suck." I'll see it on opening day, but this is the first one (as an adult) where I have not already had tickets for three showings in the first 24 hours.


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