Battle is joined. . . . again.

We're well into summer, and I've discovered something new and fun about our lawn.

It's apparently infested with dallisgrass.

Dallisgrass is a lot like crabgrass, except more so. It doesn't respond well to preemergent treatments, or to postemergent treatments. Add to this the facts that it is a perennial, and can be transmitted through mowing, walking across it, or just because the wind blew, and that it grows and spreads rapidly.

Several months ago, in the spring, I was trying to get several different weeds in the backyard under control. Well, they're mostly gone - but they appear to have been keeping the dallisgrass in check.

So, tonight I took my brand new sprayer, loaded it up with a nasty chemical mix, and started spraying. Tomorrow, we'll see what, if anything, has died (besides the grass).

The only consolation is that dallisgrass takes a couple years to mature and start seeding - and I'm seeing those seed structures. So, it was here when we moved in - I've just made it worse.

Oh well. If all else fails, I can recall the how, it is said, Scipio Aemilianus dealt with Carthage.


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