Sometimes I feel like a vulture, and not because they taste like chicken. . .

Yesterday was kind of a sad day. One of the local F(Ns)LGS (aka Friendly Not-so Local Game Stores) began it's massive, store-closing sale. Sure, they have locations open in other cities, but nothing this close (ie, within 45 minutes of where I live).

I got there almost half an hour before they opened, and already a crowd was gathering, hoping to swoop in and pick over the bargains before they were all gone. And sure, I was in that colony of vultures, circling the locked doors. When they opened, we all swooped in.

The store carries (carried, really) RC models, model train stuff, GW figs, FoW stuff, Reaper, model kits, rockets, Thomas the Train Engine, etc. I was there with a shopping list in hand and certainly did well in my frenzied pickings.

But I left just as I arrived - sad and more than a little depressed. I almost always feel bad when a game store closes down. It's one less place to run demos, one less place to meet new friends, one less place for me to roll 23 critical failures in a row.

Oh yeah. And lots more minis for me to paint. I'd take the store staying open any day.


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