Houston, we have Internet

(Catching up on some earlier drafts. . . )

Well, internet connection is alive and well again. It turns out that the problem was here in the house. See, at some point in the past, someone decided to run coax through the entire house. Almost every room has coax in at least one location, often two. There is one small problem with this:

The mass of coax running around through the basement looks a lot like a pile of spaghetti in some spots, and we haev splitters everywhere.

It turned out that one of the splitters was going bad. I probably should have checked that too - but after running all sorts of internal disagnostics on my computer, and given the not-infrequent services outages we've experienced, I was more inclined to presume that the fault lay elsewhere. Still, I have a solid connection again - and my City of Heroes game can continue.


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