I'm baack. . .

Okay, I feel like I should offer some vague explanation for the extreme dearth of posts lately. If you are a regular reader (all 2.34347 of you, on a good day), you might have noticed that I have said nothing new in several weeks. Astute readers will note that I have said nothing important or witty in. . . well, ever.

Anyway, the explanation for my lack of random wordiness is simple: I've been on vacation or travelling almost every weekend for the past few weeks. I know that my profile is quite scant, and that I have never posted my address on this forum or anything, but I just don't feel comfortable saying "Bye everyone! The house is empty, and will be so for a week. Be honest if you stop by, and the spare key is under the welcome mat." (For the record - we don't have a spare key, or a welcome mat.)

I'm busy catching up on all my spam, plus all the blogs I read on a routine basis, but I will leave one random brain dribble:

Last Friday, I was running on a trail with my sister-in-law. The trail is a nice, multi-purpose trail, and is used by people on bikes, joggers, walking pets, blades (in some areas) and for horseback riders. Every so often, on the side of the trail, is a notice asking you to pick up after your dog. So, I thought, as I ran along the trail, you have to pick up after your dog (as opposed to taking it off to the side, in the mowed grass), whereas a horse is allowed to dump wherever, and the rider has no responsibility to the other people using the path. There were sections of the path where a bike could no longer go (easily, anyway) without plowing through the steaming piles of horse manure, but dog poop is the big problem here?


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