Cars, trucks, planes, and a sleepless toddler

We drove into the Chicago area today - my wife had to work there on Monday, and this way the grandparents get to see their grandson. Visting is nice, it's the travel there that is a major pain.

Kevin just doesn't sleep in the car anymore. There's too much light outside when we leave, and instead of letting the gentle motion of the car speeding down the highway lull him to sleep, he points out the window and says "Uck! Uck!" (Still no "tr" sound). This continues for about 40 miles, and then he wants his drink.

Repeat this process about 3 times.

Realize that he has had quite of liquid go into his tiny little body - or, more appropriately, his tiny little bladder.

Realize that, even with a doubler in the diaper, they're just not made for that kind of liquid load. I don't care what commercials say with tests involving blue liquid - we haven't found a diaper that can take an afternoons worth of water and milk and still not leak.

Anyway - he was still awake when we got there - and he was soaked. Not just him, but his pants, his shirt, and the car seat. Poor little guy got a quick dunking in the tub, and then put to bed, which kicked off a round of screaming.

He's out now - but we're really wishing that he would just sleep through the car ride like other babies.


Blogger Kyle said...

Our daughter used to sleep in the car, but only if she was tired. If we took a drive outside nap time, it wouldn't just magically put her to sleep.

At some point that stopped. Nowadays she stays awake in the car unless she is exhausted. She still naps during the day sometimes, but if we're in the car, she stays up to look out the window. If we're driving at night, she'll stay up as long as she can.

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