Episode III thoughts.

Just got back from seeing it, and here are a few impressions (no spoilers though):
  1. It's the best of the second trilogy, though that's not saying much.
  2. Dialogue and acting are still pretty corny and/or wooden. It's not the actors fault, but when CGI beasts and Muppets are more believable characters, there is an issue.
  3. Yep, there's gratuitous CGI stuff. Some of the CGI looks very good, some just looks mediocre.
  4. General Grevious confirms a long-standing belief I have about R2.
  5. Vague attempts are made to tie this final installment in with the original series. Much easier to use the flashy-thing from Men In Black.

It wasn't as good as Empire, but it fits somewhere around Jedi. As an added plus, Jar-Jar makes an appearance, but does not speak.


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