I've noticed. . .

thatI update only once or twice a week. This seems kind of low, until I think about all the various forums, blogs, etc, of which I am an active participant. If I could collate all the random thoughts that I regurgitate over the Internet, then my blog could be updated with something new every couple of hours.


Blogger Kyle said...

I thought about doing this too. When I was considering it, my participation elsewhere was kind of low, and I figured a weekly roundup was a good idea. I could have the post as a draft all week and add to it until time to publish.

I never did it.

What I tend to do instead is take the cognitive results of interactions elsewhere and turn them into articles. I can take the points I made and the points made against me and appear to have some kind of balance and also get the last word.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Garou said...

Yeah, but I really don't want to do blog articles about what to do when a Champions character has a potentially abusive PRE stat.

For starters, I'd lose half my audience (such as it is), and second, it would require waaay too much work. I might start going over some old threads on some forums, condensing the argument and my place in it, and, as you said, get in the final word.

10:23 PM  

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