Decision, decision. . .

No, it's not a monumental decision that I am contemplating. At least, not in the sense of altering my life significantly or anything like that. I am trying to decide if I really want to take the plunge and register for the Chicago Marathon. I'm reasonably certain that I could run it right now (well, in the morning - it's cold and dark outside as I write this*, and that won't change for about 8 hours) - it's just a rather daunting distance. 26.2 miles. It's not something to just casually do, but I suppose, if I plan on running them, I'd have to start somewhere.

And there is no way, right now, that I would even begin to qualify for one of the big goals of marathoners - the Boston Marathon.

* Cold and dark are no obstacles to running a race. The Disney Half-marathon and Marathon starts at 6 am, and, both days, temps were in the mid-30s. It got cold, waiting for the race to start on Saturday.


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