Back in the saddle again

ORN: Biking, 30 minutes, 10.8 miles, running, 30 minutes, 3.67 miles, light weights. I've been looking over the Treadmill Pace Conversion chart, and, in order to improve my workout, have been running more of it at either 0.5 or 1 degree inclines. It's not much, but it does help simulate the difference between the hamster mat and the great outdoors.

I'm still getting back into the swing of things. The good news is that my legs feel fine, the great news is that, at the moment, I seem to be going a bit faster than I had been previously. I am hoping that this trend continues - I know that I can do a half-marathon in a semi-respectable time. At least, my current time is respectable to most people - it's not near the tops of my age category or anything, but I place moderately well in large races. Still, I'd like to be faster - and if I ever want to run Boston, I will have to be considerably faster.

So, speedwork is definitely going to be featured in my new routine. I'll probably be doing at least one long run, a couple recovery runs, and either speedwork or hills every week, in addition to biking, elliptical or stairs, as well as some weights. I lack the potential (I think) to ever move really fast, but it would be nice to be faster than I am right now.

I also found a flyer for some local races, and wrote down the contact information on some local running groups. Due to travel times, I am only really able to meet up with a couple of groups, most of which run only 4-6 miles on Saturday mornings. Still, I could always make Saturdays a recovery day, and do my long run some other day of the week. It would be nice to run alongside some other people for a change.


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