How rude.

Earlier today, while running a series of errands, I stopped the car to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. Now, said pedestrian was not using the nearby pedestrian crossing, preferring instead to cross in the middle of the street. There were no cars behind me, and, due to the changing of the light and the nature of the intersection, weren't going to be any cars for 30 seconds or so.

So, I stopped, and waved him on. Instead of declining politely, or walking forward, he starts waving an arm around and yelling at me. Now, I have the windows up, so I can't make out what he is saying exactly, but it doesn't sound happy, or G-rated. So, I check the mirrors and pull out around him (since he was already in the street slightly when I stopped - well back of him, I might add.)

After I had passed him, I looked back in my mirror, and he was walking across the street, right where I had left him. I tried to be nice, and got yelled at. What kind of object lesson is that for my son?


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