My search-fu is weak

Apparently, anyway. I've tried various strings for a major search engine, and keep coming up with blanks. I'm not asking for much - I'm presuming that a (small) city with a population of 50k (give or take), plus several nearby communities, and at least a couple events (Cereal City Classic and the Indoor mini-Ironman) would have a few runners hanging around. Blogsearch doesn't find any of them (other than me), and I don't find mentions of running clubs. There is one in Kalamazoo, but I'm looking for something where I don't have to drive 30 minutes (or more) each way, before and after my run.

Oh well. Maybe I should start one. The ad writes itself "Slow runner seeks other like-minded lunatics who want to train for a marathon. Anyone who can run a 5k in less than 23 minutes need not apply."

(Just kidding - I wouldn't mind running with people faster than I am. After all, the longer I can keep up with them, the faster I will eventually be. In theory, anyway.)


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