Nice, easy day

ORN: Biking, 25 minutes, 9.8 miles, running approx 27:30 minutes, approx 3.25 miles, 1 degree incline.

I planned on running longer. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out that way - I hate having to stop and use the restroom when I only have a mile or so left of a run. It breaks up the rythym (even on a short 10k run), and just makes the rest seem even harder. Plus, I always feel really sweaty and gross, whether I use the nice clean restrooms at the Y when I am doing a hamster run, or the vile port-a-lets when I am at a road race.

The biking is working quite well as a warm-up activity. I might have to dial things down a bit next week, speed-wise, since I am going to be raising my mileage pretty quickly. Within the next two weeks, however, I expect things to start levelling off, and I'll only be increasing by 5-10% a week again. Of course, if my leg starts bothering me, or my kness goes, or something else happens, I'll just have to adjust.


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