Pedal to the metal

ORN: No running. Biking, 60 minutes, 21.6 miles, hill program at lvl 13, followed by light weights. Pretty easy day, actually. I was using the more traditional model of the exercise bike, as opposed to the recumbant. Today was supposed to be a cross-train day, and the plan says that these are generally easy, so I try not to push myself too hard. The hills allows it to feel like I am doing som work, but not enough that it bothers me for the rest of the day.

I will confess to taking an afternoon nap - but I blame that on the fact that I woke up last night at 2 am, and took almost an hour to get back to sleep. I was tired when I got up this morning, and tired until I got that nap.

I will also confess that I always get a nice little ego boost from doing my bike workouts. There are a fair number of people at the Y who run faster than I do - I'm not the slowest, but I am a far cry from some of the more zippy runners. But, when I climb on that bike, I know that very few at the Y bike at the same speeds and levels that I do. Most people are levels lower, and slower by more than 20 rpm. I know that some people are certainly faster, but not nearly as many as the number of faster runners. It's nice to know that I am pretty good at something.

Of course, then I follow it with weights, where I seem to invariably wind up behind someone who has arms that a bigger than my legs, and have to take the machines down from 1.3 tons to 60 pounds or something.


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