Well, that's a sigh of relief

ORN: 4 miles, 35-36 minutes, 1 degree. Again, hamster run on the dreadmill, followed by 30 minutes of daddy & son swim time. (The class might actually be called Mommy & Me or something, but Kevin knows it as "time to be a little fish," and I reserve the right to call it whatever I want anyway.)

Today's run was a little faster than I intended on going. It was supposed to be a recovery run, following Saturday's 16-miler, but I wanted to get in four miles before the swim class started. Sure, the increased speed meant that I did 4 miles, as opposed to 3.8 or 3.9, but that round number does look a little better - and it sits better with me.

I was a little stiff and awkward for the first mile or so, but then the kinks started working themselves out and running got easier. I probably should have gotten out and done more yesterday than just a short walk. I wasn't in pain or anything; I was just lazy, and resting in case my body really needed it.

During Saturday's run, my wife passed by me in the car. She and the son were out running errands, and happened to go by as I was on the final leg of my run. (I know where I was on the road, but unsure of the exact mileage; it was somewhere between mile 14 and 15.) She said that I looked good, and that my posture and stride looked pretty strong, which mirrors how I felt. If the next couple long runs (18 and 20) turn out the same way, I will have no worries about completing the marathon. Actually, I don't worry about it much now; but a couple more long training runs will really go a long way toward building my confidence.


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