Sometimes the best run is no run at all

ORN: 3.46 miles, 30-odd minutes, 1 degree. I was on the dreadmill again, doing a nice and easy recovery run after yesterday's speedwork. At least, that was the plan. From the very beginning of the run, things just didn't feel right. You know the feeling - your stride feels off, the speed seems very out of proportion to the effort, and it's just not "clicking." In my experience, this occurs from time to time, sometimes even in the middle of the run. If I stick it out, and ride it out, it goes away, and I can settle back into a decent pace.

Things got better, but it still didn't feel quite like normal (though pretty close, and not bad, considering yesterday's efforts), when my knee started twinging at about 3.25 miles. I stuck with it a bit, then stopped and tried stretching it out. It felt better, but not well enough to resume running, so I called the run finished then and there.

Had I been out on the road, I could have walked home - I was only planning on going 6 miles or so anyway, and the knee is fine for walking. But running was putting all kinds of stress on it, and, with a long run of 16 miles planned for Saturday, I'd rather take today easy (as well as tomorrow's cross-training session) than have to skip Saturday's run.

On the way home, I decided to take a detour and scope out a possible route for the long run - the various mapping programs are only as accurate as Google maps, and I'd rather not find out the hard way that a connecting road doesn't exist. So, I passed my normal exit and headed for the next one, to scope out the route. My son, who was in the back seat, looked up as we passed our exit, and started pointing to it, saying "Up! Up! Up!". He wanted Daddy to know that Daddy was going the wrong way to get home. Once I explained that we were taking a detour (aka, an extra bye-bye), he was okay with it.


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