ORN: 4.5 miles, 40 minutes, 1 degree incline. Yep, another dreadmill run. I took yesterday off, after looking at my schedule and realizing that I wouldn't otherwise have any time off between last weeks LSD run and this weeks LSD run. Since that's probably not a good idea, I took yesterday off, and it probably helped with today's speedwork.

Now, speedwork is all relative. What is speedy to me is a sustainable race pace for many other people, but that's okay. I'm looking for personal improvement, not burning with desire to be the fastest runner in America. Anyway, I did about 1.5 miles of warmup (walking, then to slowish jog), and then did a "fast" mile (okay, not real fast, but it was a 7:03 pace). Then, a mile of recovery, and another "fast" mile, with an untimed cooldown walk at the end. Pulse got a little high on the fast miles (I presume), but it felt like a real effort, which is what I wanted.

Next week will probably be half mile repeats - fast half, slow half, continue until dead tired. Depending on what fast and slow mean in that context, it could be as little as 2 iterations, but I'd like to do 5 or 6 fast half miles.

On the way back, I also checked out my planned route for Saturday's long run. I've already driven over most of it, but added a detour to up the mileage. It's a good thing that I checked - the Gmaps Pedometer showed a road that is not there. The gap isn't bad, only a hundred yards or so, and I have no philosophical objection to running over an unpaved surface. (Heck, I prefer trails to concrete.) What I do have an objection to is the possibility that the landowner will be (1) present; and (2) really touchy about me running over that short span of terrain. So, I'll figure out another route.


Blogger Anne said...

7:03 not "fast"?! Try telling that to someone who can't even break 8 minutes without killing herself! Nice workout. And nice to find a runner with a conscience.

5:16 PM  

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