Yesterday's workout left a mark

ORN: 4 miles, 35-ish minutes, 1 degree incline. Speedwork, so more than half of it is either walking or slog job recovery.

I had originally planned on doing a warm-up, a fast mile (at about a 7:00 pace), then a slow mile, then possibly another fast mile. Well, the warm-up went as planned, and the fast mile was actually at a good (for me) 6:34 pace. I finished it strong, took the recovery, and, when it came around to the second fast mile, I could only manage about .55 miles. I slowed down, took some recovery, and finished with a strong quarter mile. So, while I didn't hit my hopeful goal, I'm very happy with the fast mile. I think if I had taken it at closer to the original goal pace, I would have been able to stick out another .45 miles the second time around.

Anyway, part of it was also the leftovers from yesterdays stairs and hills. I felt a little sluggish, even during the warm-up, so my cross-training next Tuesday will have to be toned down a little if I want to improve on today's performance.


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