Ah, running again

ORN: 45 minutes, 1 degree incline, 5.34 miles, variable speed. It's been a depressing couple of days, but I finally managed to climb back onto the hamster pad for a run. I was planning on doing just four or five miles, but decided (while still walking along, warming up) that I would do an easy couple of miles, then a hard mile, and then an easy couple of miles. Well, that middle mile was hard.

It wasn't a great pace, compared to the days of yore (ie, high school, when I could actually manage a 5:20 mile, and ran 3 in just over 18 minutes), but, compared to my normal pace, it was pretty nice - 7:15 pace, as opposed to my normal pace of about 8:20. It wore me out more than I expected, so the final miles were harder and slower than the first two.

The only bad thing was that I dropped my water bottle prior to the run and it sprung a leak. By the end of the run, there was a fair-sized puddle in the cupholder on the dreadmill, and it took an extra towel to clean it up.

I did have an interesting conversation with one of the other regulars. This guy run (typically) about 3 miles, all at a 7:30 pace or faster - usually closer to 6:30. Anyway, today he asked me if I typically did longer runs, and I found myself explaining that most of my runs were fairly short, being only 5 or 6 miles.

Tomorrow is a 12-miler. Should be fun. And, I'm getting new shoes - same as I have now, but a half-size larger for the longer runs. My current pair is great, until somewhere about mile 9 or 10, and then they start getting a little tight. For a half-marathon, they'd be fine - for a full, and all the long training runs leading up to it, they're not. Maybe I'll break down and buy a water or fuel belt too - I've been playing with Gmaps pedometer, and planning long, outdoor runs.


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