Junk miles

ORN: 4.8-something miles, 40 minutes, inclination varied. I was originally planning on doing 40 minutes of actual running, at a decent pace, but things just didn't work out that way. I started up the dreadmill at a walking pace, and turned on my mp3 player. The screen flickered and died. Completely unresponsive. There were two possible reasons for this: the first, and most likely, was simply that the battery was dead. I couldn't recall when I had changed it last, which generally means that it is probably about time to change it again.

The second possibility, and a more serious one, is that my habit of tossing it back into the gym bag along with my sweaty workout clothes has finally done something evil to the inner workings. It might be moisture-resistent, but I'm not sure that means that it is supposed to be covered by my sweaty tech shirt, shorts, socks, etc 5 or 6 times a week.

I was fiddling with it, and noticed that (1) I had been walking a bit longer than I intended; and (2) I needed to get a move on if I was going to get in a decent run before getting the son for swim class. So, I ripped off the player and ramped up the speed. Unfortunately, I had only vague ideas of current total time and distance, so I had to approximate.

Even then, I might have made a conservative guess on my run, except that, for the first ten minutes or so, I didn't notice that I had failed to set the inclination to anything other than the default. I thought the rnu had been astonishingly easy, and I was right - it was actually slower than I had been doing.

So, I said, "to heck with it" - and tried to just go a decent pace for the remainder of the run. I bumped it up to a degree of inclination, and got going. It was an okay run, and it wasn't quite junk miles, but I can't claim that I really accomplished my training goals for the day, either.

On the plus side, no problems with my legs or anything after Saturday's run. This Saturday is 14, which will be the longest training run to date. If I feel this good next Monday, I am going to be a lot more confident about my impending marathon. I've done the math - I can increase by 2 miles every Saturday, hit 22, and have one week where I can hold my mileage static if I need to. And, I would have 3 weeks of taper. It's not a lot of wiggle room though - so I am hoping that nothing goes wrong.


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