Another PR, and another long run

ORN: Outdoors, 9/1 run/walk split, 19 miles (plus a bit, maybe another quarter), 2 hours, 57 minutes. This is the longest I have ever run, breaking last weeks personal distance record. For most of the run, I felt pretty good, except for the fact that it was cold. When I was out of the wind (or had it to my back or side), it wasn't bad, but the first half of the run (pretty much) was all into the wind. It was in the low 20s when I started, except when the wind blew - and that brought it down to 0, give or take. Even now, the winds is bad enough that the perceived temp is about 10 degrees lower than the actual.

I didn't feel nearly as strong as I did last week - I attribute some of that to staying up too late last night, having wine with dinner (and more after), and being kind of a slug regarding my training this week. I finished, but there were several points where I contemplated calling it a day and heading home. Of course, I was also about 4 miles from home at the time, so running was the quickest way to get back. (I was near civilization - if I had really been feeling bad, as opposed to just lazy, I could have swallowed my pride and called home for a pickup - but "I didn't feel like running anymore" wasn't a good enough justification.)


Blogger Rae said...

Great job with the long run! 19 miles is AWESOME!

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