No pressure

Tomorrow is the big day, and the biggest load on my mind has dropped - I was thinking that this was a chipped race. It's not. Since I am not going to win any awards, and am not really uber-concerned about my place*, I just have to make sure that I hit "start" on my watch when I actually cross the starting line, as opposed to when the gun goes off.

* I'm lieing a little when I say that - I care, but not so badly that I will join the stampeding herds of runners at the front of the corral. I'm only going to lose 30-45 seconds, and really, my "unofficial" time will matter more to me than any official result. But I still don't like starting in the back, even though I should.


Blogger runr53 said...

Eagerly awaiting your report! What, its not up yet? Why not? Hurry, hurry, hehe. Goes off shaking his head...

12:10 PM  

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