Ding-dong the car is dead

ORN: 4 miles, 1.4 degrees, 29:21.

Man, I suffered through today's run. Sure, I raised the incline a bit, and yeah, I actually did a "fast" long slow run on Monday, but still - I should not have been struggling as much as I was. Oh well - I still have time for more speed work, more miles at a slightly elevated marathon pace, and some more hill work.

I also added weights again today. I feel like such a wuss, using those right after the guys who are bench pressing small import automobiles. They're moving weights that are better expressed in multiples of my weight, and not breaking a sweat. They say things like "Yeah, I'm only benching 400 today, but I plan on doing 8 or 10 cycles with 10 reps per cycle, so it's just an easy day." I want to challenge them to a run. Then all that extra penalty weight that they have been adding will be a detriment.

Bah. I'm just in a slightly down mood, since, as of earlier today, it's official: the car is dead. Now, the hunt for a new car begins, and I fear that I am only days away from becomming that sad soul, once parodied in a Navy ad: a dad buying a minivan.

I want to buy a wagon - I really like the look of a couple of them, and my first car was a station wagon. But almost all of the wagons out there now are dinky little things, or worse, they look like they should be able to carry some cargo, but have a max load of 800 pounds. We could buy an SUV, but the only way to get an SUV that has any size (again, me, wife, 2 kids in February, so lots of luggage on long trips) is to spend lots of money. Not just an extra $5k, but and extra $20k, or more if you want lots of options. And most sedans might have the same problem that the Intrepid did - it only held one car seat.

Blerg. I hate driving minivans. I don't like the way they handle, the way that they accelerate, the way I feel sitting in one. Maybe I'll find one I like, but it's more likely that I will find one that I hate least, or (if I am really lucky), one that I can tolerate.


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