This is not how you taper for a half-marathon

ORN: 6 miles, 1.2 degrees, 47:xx. (Whole run, except for last .5 miles, was at a steady 7.5 mph pace.)

Not sure exactly how long the run was. I finished up and was walking through the cool-down when the gentleman next to me make a comment about the speed I was going when I did my customary, final sprint. I know that it is not "recommended", but I always try to give a final sprint at the end of a run - fun run, treadmill, race, you name it. I try to, if not empty the tank completely in that final sprint, at least ensure that I was holding something back for a reason.

Anyway, we chatted for several minutes - apparently, his son (who is just younger than I) was a wrestler in college, who went on to do triathalons and marathons, and has run Boston. The gentleman had also been to Chicago to watch his son run, and he talked about the course and the crowds.

At any rate, I forgot to actually check the timer on the treadmill when the cool-down was done, so, while I know that it was somewhere between 47:00 and 48:00 minutes, I'm not sure exactly how long it took. My best guess is about 47:30.

The run was longer than I had originally planned, but I wanted to do at least half (or thereabouts) of the half-marathon at that pace, just to see if I could. I was feeling it, a little, but I am reasonably confident that, if I were in a group that was all going to be coming in at about that time, I could hold on until the end - and still have a sprint toward the finish.

Now that the running stuff is out of the way, I have a little rant about UPS. Several months ago, a company announced that they were making a 25th anniversary edition of one of their books. It would be pricey, but also limited in quantity, and wiht some extra bells and whistles to thank everyone for their support over the years.

I looked at it, said "That's kind of neat," and paid the $10 to reserve a copy. Several months ago (early to mid-July), the company said that the books were on their way to the printers, and could everyone pony up the remainer, please. So, I paid the rest of the cash, and began waiting for my copy. (Yes, I knew it would be a while - the instant nature of the Internet has not completely ruined me.)

Things went a little screwy, and the company didn't get the copies until early August, right before a major convention. But, they took them with them, so that the important people could sign them, and then, once the convention ended, they would start shipping them to us.

Now is where the rant begins. My copy, according to UPS, is stuck at the "Billing Information Recieved" stage. This means that UPS has been told that they have a package, but it has not yet been dropped off nor picked up. It has not yet entered the system. Not a big deal, except that my package has been sitting at that stage since 8/23/06.

UPS, when I asked them about it, says talk to the company that is sending the package. The company that is sending the package says talk to UPS. And me, I'm starting to wonder why I bothered buying it in the first place. The company has offered to reroute the order back to them, and replace it with other product, but I do still want this. OTOH, people can now order the remainder of the print run from the company store, until all copies are gone, so if I were willing to pony up the cash for this again, I could still get one. Just not with the signatures and the particular number (since all of the limited print run was numbered, and pre-orders could reserve numbers) that I wanted.


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