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Grr. . . . Blogspot has been having some issues lately, so it makes my erratic postings even more so.
ORN: 1/2 mile repeats, 1.2 degrees, 37:31 total time, 5 miles. (Not including the 1/2 mile of warm-up, at an 8:30 pace or so).

It had been some time since I did anything remotely resembling speedwork, and since there are several people in my Saturday running group that are discussing it, I finally managed to aquire enough guilt that I broke down and did a dedicated speedwork session.

I did an easy half mile, just to be sure that my knee was okay - I forced an easy day of "cross-training" (aka mowing the lawn) on myself yesterday, instead of running, and, since it wasn't bothering me at all after a half-mile, I gave myself the green light for some speedwork.

Now, the theory is that, by doing 800 meteres (880 yards), you can predict your marathon performance. This does assume, however, that you are not slacking off anywhere else in your training, so I take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, the concept is that, if you can manage to do 10 half-mile intervals at a speed of 4:00 each (with a fairly brief recovery time in between them), you are in good shape to do a marathon in 4 hours. With that theory in mind, I set the dreadmill for a jog rate of something easy (6.5 mph? 6.6? Something about there), and a running speed of 8.7 mph - which is a 6:53 mile. If I can get through 10 of those, then I ought to just barely break 3:30.

Not sure if it will happen, but I did manage 7 of them today. I probably could have done at least another one, but the son was such a pill in getting out of the house today that I was running short on time. Next week, I'll try for the whole 10 - if need be, I'll run them later in the day.

It's still going to be a while (a long while, possibly) before I qualify for Boston, but someday. . .


Blogger Wes said...

Excellent work on the speed drill. I especially like the cross training exercise :-) If I wasn't so busy I'd be cutting my own grass, and I've got some serious hills in my yard... I'm off to the track myself this weekend for my one mile test. I'm gonna give it my all.

12:56 PM  

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