Update (part I)

Well, the surgery went well, and my mom might be out of the hospital as early as tonight. Everything is looking better - not great (since she was just in the hospital, after all, and still has to recover from the operation, etc), but much better than a week ago.

I've actually been forbidden from making the drive down there this weekend - it is a ways to go (about 4 hours with no traffic, 6 if the construction backs things up, which it almost always does), and I think she just wants some peace and quiet for a few days.

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal - I even managed to get a run in today, though I apparently have lost some fitness over the last week. That's okay - I have lots of time before Chicago to make it up, and I'm still thinking that I might make my time goal. And if I don't, I still have a pretty good chance to PR.


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