Running and the dawdler

ORN: 3 miles running, 12 miles on the bike. Current "100 mile club" total is now 15. I might well finish it somewhere while running Chicago. I've caught up (or passed) many of the more causal atheletes in the listing, but it won't be until I do some doubles in November that I catch up with some of the leaders. I'm not trying to log the most distance, but it would be nice to be up in that top 5 or so.

The son has been dawdling a lot lately. It's almost too the point where, if I want to be at the Y by 9:30, we need to start getting ready to go about 7:30 or 8, just to get out the door by 9. It's incredibly cute sometimes, and often really, really frustrating. It makes errands harder, and I get a lot less done in the morning than I did just a few months ago.


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