Still getting back into the habit of posting.

Okay, so my last post was on the 19th, and today is the 24th. What have I been doing in that time, with respect to running? Well, let's see. . .

The 19th (as I noted) was a hill workout, so the next day was 5 miles of light and easy running. Thursday was speedwork, alternating between 3:20 half-miles and 2-3 minutes of recovery running. Friday was an easy day - I biked for 45 minutes, and covered something like 16 miles.

That paved the way for Saturday's long slow run. Ostensibly an 18-miler, the original plan was to go to a nearby trail and run there. Low turnout in the running group and rain the night before led us to reschedule it for next week - more for the low turnout than the rain. I had brought towels and plastic bags, though I am not all that worried about mud in the new minivan. (After all, I have a toddler who loves to splash in rain puddles - mud is going to be in that van within another week, if not sooner.)

I ran the first half with one of the other runners. With only 5 of us, we had still managed to split into 3 groups (2, 2 and 1), and I covered the first half of the run at a slow and easy pace of roughly 10:00 miles, or 1:30:30. (If it was 9 miles - see below) We walked while we took a Gu and water break, and she told me that she was going to be slowing down. I sped up, and manage to go through the second half (it was a "there and back" run) in 1:08:59 - which leads me to believe that each leg is actually closer to about 7.5-7.75 miles. Still, I had a good finish, and ran half of that time on my own - I saw some bikers, a couple of walkers, and a few dogs, but basically it was me, the mist, and some quiet tunes through the back half of the run. Next week is my last long run before Chicago - I'm not as worried as I was at this point back in early April. I know I can do it, barring injury, the question is how quickly.

Update - waay back in June, I mentioned that I got a big honkin' load of rock delivered to our house. That rock is finally gone - it may have taken me 3 months, but that still translates to 1 cubic yard per week. Or, more accurately, about 300 pounds of rock per day, on average. It sounds a lot more impressive that way, doesn't it?


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